Freehold VS Leasehold

Freehold and Leasehold in Thailand

If you are considering Buying Property in Thailand, whether for living in Thailand or as property investments, there are several things to consider, here are some of the most frequently asked questions when thinking about the purchase of a villa or condo in this land of smiles.


Leasehold is a long-term lease of real estate, without ownership at the expiration of the contract, the rights must be returned to the owner. or extend the contract further which is currently becoming a trend among investors because it is cheaper the cost is lower, but Leasehold has to accept the risks, i.e., you will not be entitled to compensation for the land and buildings. If damage occurs from a disaster or being expropriated during the period that the lease is still attached Importantly, when the lease expires Ownership in that condo will disappear immediately If you want to continue renting but the project owner wants to sell It may cause problems.


Freehold is the sale of real estate. in which the purchaser will have full ownership and can improve, repair, decorate the room to invest in a large profit (Capital Gain) if the condo has a disaster. or being expropriated for sale of land The buyer receives compensation in proportion to the title deed. Including also having the opportunity to borrow from the bank with a maximum credit line of 100%, and even though they say that it requires a high investment in purchase but keep in mind that freehold buyers are free to make profits in many ways, either renting or reselling. Importantly, it also becomes an inheritance for children as well.

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